Keeping Track of Your Super Accounts

Keeping Track of Your Super Accounts

The term Super is classified by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a system where money is put in a fund to provide for your retirement. The more you set aside, the more you can spend during your retirement. The problem comes when you cannot keep track of your accounts.

If you have been switching jobs, addresses or your name; there are high chances that you will have more misplaced accounts that you are not aware of. Besides being an administrative problem, having several reports can mean that you are paying multiple charges which will reduce your final retirement income. It would be best to start a lost super search process to keep track of your funds.

If you have previously switched jobs, you may be susceptible to unclaimed super whereby the institution cannot contact you. Being unable to find lost super account could mean that it could be held as lost superannuation.

So, how can I find my lost super? Start by getting registered for the myGov services, get an account and link it to ATO. To answer your question on how to find my super, use the lost super search services and excellent super.

How do I find my superannuation from the ATO records? Linking your myGov account will help you search through their files of unclaimed superannuation where you can locate your missing funds. Since you were working for several companies, your employer must have been paying money to an account in your name hence making it less hectic to locate.

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